I like the way certain simple things make an impact on you and your life. Let’s talk about words,shall we? I just sometimes don’t understand how letters or alphabet strung into words and words into sentences can make so much,ch of a difference to a person and their life. Just simple words  sometimes can either break a heart or mend a broken heart. They can express pain and vulnerability and also hide away the same pain in the pages of journals. There isn’t one day I don’t come across sentences that I fall in love with and I keep wondering how many times could I fall in love with them? Sometimes it’s just a sentence and the other times it might just be a word that might change your world and probably, the way you think.words my dear, are pure magic. I believe in this magic which takes you places with your body intact and your soul and heart in different places.do you believe in such magic? Would you like to try? Let me tell you,it’s not too late to do so.


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