She was a kind of girl who spilled magic with every breath she exhaled.spilling it here and there for him and her. Embracing the feeling of not knowing where to go but,enjoying​ every bit of it. She flies and unfolds her wings letting the breeze through her hair.unravelling miracles and discovering treasures.striving to be more of her than she ever was. Embracing vulnerabilities and  exploring darkness. She was a flame,she was wild and she wandered into the hearts of many. She was wishful she came with no boundaries or care. She flies with passion filled with integrity. She belonged to no one nor any place. She was a girl with a mind,a girl with a perspective. She loved to taste freedom the smell and the feel of it.she feared no limits.she went on to paint the world with her colours,every move inspiring. She took chances,she feared no limits nor darkness.she was the light that could light up any darkness.she was a beauty beyond understanding.


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