So,yesterday I posted about rice water and then it got me thinking, there are so many other good things out there and why not share it with you guys so here I am doing that.

Have you ever seen neem leaves? Have you  used it,ever? No? Then it’s time you do the right thing. 

Neem has ailing and soothing properties from the list of wonderous things that it can help us with.(a fact for you: it’s a native of India,Pakistan and nepal)

You can use neem direct(eat)and indirectly on your skin. I wouldn’t recommend the first one because,urghh it is bitterr. If you did ask me how bitter on scale of 1 to 10 I would rate it a 💯

Neem can be used in many ways. for your skin or as an hair mask. 

it can be used as

  • A toner
  •  A mask
  • A hair mask for growth and to get rid of that dandruff and itchy scalpMoisturizer (product form)

You can use neem leaves or products that have high neem content in  them. Today Im here to talk about one paticulat product here. Himalaya herbals purifying neem pack. This product is ah-mazing believe me. It regulates excess oil secretion and unclogs the pores and helps with those nasty pimples and has a soothing effect on the skin this is a product for normal to oily skin  type. It does stand up to it’s claims and to my expectations as well.

The product is available in India is all pack and tubes of various sizes.this is an Indian product. The price ranges from around 15 INR to 200INR for various sizes that’s less than a $ and ranges up to 5$. you could get these products online through Amazon or the official Himalaya herbals website.

Conclusion: the product is amazing. It does what it claims and it consists of neem,turmeric and Fuller’s earth. It’s A must try

NOTE: neem is natural but a patch test is advisable and same is the case with the products. Because,prevention is better than cure.isn’t it?


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