when i start talking about good things i can’t stop that’s what is happening with me from a day or two. i mean you wouldn’t balme  or complain about it right? right. so today we will be discussing about the sweetest thing-honey. it is my absolute favorite skincare product and aslo i love to eat honey(i love to sneak a spoon or two here and there and im not sorry about that)

I have been adding things to my skincare routine for quite some time now.  to be precise I have been using honey as a pack for about a week now and I can already tell you that the results are amazing. My skin looks and feels alive and it is softer and I can see my scars starting to fade. And I guess if I keep using it I’ll have that amazing skin in no time. Honey with it’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties helps with the process of healing and lightening the scars or marks.and also honey is an absolutely amazing substitute for sugar for someone who wants to have control on their diet and their sugar levels


Wet your face and rub in the honey,in circular motion on your face. massage it for about 2 to 3 minutes and the let it be for about 20to 30 minutes and then before rinsing of the mask repeat the massage for the same amount of time and then wash of the residue. Do this whenever you can squeeze in time or on a regular basis if you can. (Pssst..don’t apply a lot of it you’ll have mess to clean up if you do so because of all the dripping) and also see to it that the honey isn’t on your hair because of it’s lightening property it also happens to lighten your hair unless you want a lighter shade of your hair colour.

NOTE: honey is a natural product but a patch test is advisable. Because,why not? Prevention is better than cure,isn’t it?


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