The face polish

How many of you have to spend a whole lot of money to get that polished look on your face? I can see you all nodding 😋 anyway won’t you all be happy if I would tell you that you didn’t have to spend a lot more from now on? And that these products are just somewhere in your kitchen pantry. And what more exciting is that you only need two ingredients

First of all we will be needing coconut oil. Coconut oil is an out an out best natural product it has huge benefits for the skin and is an amazing moisturizer and also helps in fading away scars and in some cases deal with the bacteria causing the acne and also balance the skin oil levels 

The next ingredient that you will be needing is baking soda. Baking soda is used as a mask or a scrub this though a little hard on skin used the right way and the right number of times can give you that amazing skin 

So now mix these two ingredients to form a paste with equal quantities of both products and apply it on your face and leave it about 15to 20 min and then use your little finger ends to gently scrub of the mask from your face in circular motion this helps to put the right amount of pressure for the massage and you won’t hurt your skin and once this is done wash your face with warm water and you’ll be done but just an another step is all, if you feel that there is oil residue left behind just use your toner to wipe it off and do it gently and there,you will be left with amazingly polished skin and this pack/mask  should be used only twice a month and not more.

NOTE: all ingredients used are natural but even so there needs to be a patch test done to see if your skin can handle them. ain’t prevention better than cure?

P.S oily skin please avoid it and also if you have really bad acne. I’ll come up with a face polish for oily skin in the coming posts


The goodness of Turmeric💎💕

Hello, I know I have been missing in action since June 25th but I am back,ain’t I? So here I am with an other wonderfully amazing ingredient. Any guesses? No? (I haven’t given any clue so that’s my bad) anyway,today its turmeric that I am going to talk about.

Turmeric falls into the category of ginger. It’s from the ginger family.turmeric consists of bioactive compounds with healing has major benefits for body and brain and most importantly our skin.

Let’s talk about the benefits of turmeric,shall we? Turmeric has been used as a beauty product for centuries is an inexpensive and natural way to treat several skin are some amazing blends for getting that amazingly glowing skin

1. Use a tsp of turmeric with lemon juice 🍋  and obtain a paste like consistency and apply it on your face and let it dry for about 20 min and then rise it off with water and Pat dry.this treatment is for skin prone to acne

2. For acne scars just a little amount of water to turmeric to make a paste will do the job. Apply it on your face for about 20min and then rise it off and Pat dry

3.milk and turmeric are another amazing combination for that glowing skin add equal amount of milk and honey 🍯 to form a paste and then apply it on your face and leave it to dry for about 20 min and rise it off you’ll see the difference.

3. Use a half spoon of turmeric and a half spoon of sandalwood powder with lemon juice or you can substitute the 🍋 with orange juice and mix to make a paste and apply it in your face for about 15 to 20 min. This is an amazing pack for OILY skin as it controls the skins oil production.

4. For DRY skin use a egg white with two drops of either coconut oil or Olive oil or any oil of your choice and to it add a pinch of turmeric and a spoon of turmeric and let it dry and wash it once it is dry. The egg white and the oil help moisturize your skin and lemon and honey help to give you that glowing and fresh looking skin

THE USE OF TURMERIC MAY LEAVE A YELLOW TINT (it depends upon upon how much you are using) nothing to worry about it will be gone once you wash your face throughly.

NOTE: all ingredients used are natural but a patch test is recommended before. Because, prevention is better than cure.


As sweet as honey

when i start talking about good things i can’t stop that’s what is happening with me from a day or two. i mean you wouldn’t balme  or complain about it right? right. so today we will be discussing about the sweetest thing-honey. it is my absolute favorite skincare product and aslo i love to eat honey(i love to sneak a spoon or two here and there and im not sorry about that)

I have been adding things to my skincare routine for quite some time now.  to be precise I have been using honey as a pack for about a week now and I can already tell you that the results are amazing. My skin looks and feels alive and it is softer and I can see my scars starting to fade. And I guess if I keep using it I’ll have that amazing skin in no time. Honey with it’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties helps with the process of healing and lightening the scars or marks.and also honey is an absolutely amazing substitute for sugar for someone who wants to have control on their diet and their sugar levels


Wet your face and rub in the honey,in circular motion on your face. massage it for about 2 to 3 minutes and the let it be for about 20to 30 minutes and then before rinsing of the mask repeat the massage for the same amount of time and then wash of the residue. Do this whenever you can squeeze in time or on a regular basis if you can. (Pssst..don’t apply a lot of it you’ll have mess to clean up if you do so because of all the dripping) and also see to it that the honey isn’t on your hair because of it’s lightening property it also happens to lighten your hair unless you want a lighter shade of your hair colour.

NOTE: honey is a natural product but a patch test is advisable. Because,why not? Prevention is better than cure,isn’t it?

Nothing like neem

So,yesterday I posted about rice water and then it got me thinking, there are so many other good things out there and why not share it with you guys so here I am doing that.

Have you ever seen neem leaves? Have you  used it,ever? No? Then it’s time you do the right thing. 

Neem has ailing and soothing properties from the list of wonderous things that it can help us with.(a fact for you: it’s a native of India,Pakistan and nepal)

You can use neem direct(eat)and indirectly on your skin. I wouldn’t recommend the first one because,urghh it is bitterr. If you did ask me how bitter on scale of 1 to 10 I would rate it a 💯

Neem can be used in many ways. for your skin or as an hair mask. 

it can be used as

  • A toner
  •  A mask
  • A hair mask for growth and to get rid of that dandruff and itchy scalpMoisturizer (product form)

You can use neem leaves or products that have high neem content in  them. Today Im here to talk about one paticulat product here. Himalaya herbals purifying neem pack. This product is ah-mazing believe me. It regulates excess oil secretion and unclogs the pores and helps with those nasty pimples and has a soothing effect on the skin this is a product for normal to oily skin  type. It does stand up to it’s claims and to my expectations as well.

The product is available in India is all pack and tubes of various sizes.this is an Indian product. The price ranges from around 15 INR to 200INR for various sizes that’s less than a $ and ranges up to 5$. you could get these products online through Amazon or the official Himalaya herbals website.

Conclusion: the product is amazing. It does what it claims and it consists of neem,turmeric and Fuller’s earth. It’s A must try

NOTE: neem is natural but a patch test is advisable and same is the case with the products. Because,prevention is better than cure.isn’t it?

rice and its wonders


like i told you this blog is dedicated to anything that slips through the cracks and grabs my attention. so i am here with this post that is related to beauty. i’m not going to sell you  products that is going to burn holes into your pockets rather i am here to save you from doing so

how? you may ask. that’s where i tell you about the miracle product called rice. rice is a consistent part of my daily intake of food but that was it until recently i found that it is not just something to chew and swallow on but also helps your skin when used directly other than the intake

here is what you do. take a small amount of rice and rinse it with water and drain away the water and the next time soak the rice in the water  and leave it for about 20 min. that’s all you have to do and there,it is the miracle solution for your skin

apply this rice water on your face with a cotton ball and pat your skin gently for it to absorb the liquid in and leave it for the rest of the day this rice water is just like your toner but a better one from my experience that is. i have been using this for over a month now and my skin has not been better than this i can see my scars fading (i had acne problems, a lot of it) and also evens out the complexion


there are many other benefits of this rice water


  • rinsing your hair with the rice water adds shine to your hair and helps it clean and stronger
  • rice water helps heal acne and cool the redness of the outbreak
  • it gives clear and bright skin
  • soothes dry and itchy skin
  • its a sunburn remedy

NOTE: though rice water is natural it is advisable to do a patch test. because isn’t prevention better than cure? 

a hurricane


there’s always a hurricane build up inside me. breaking through the area of trespass of my thoughts, ready to blow apart the misconceptions,misbeliefs and misfortunes that have been a part of me throughout my being. its strength blows me into pieces making me someone that i never was,brave,bold and strong. that’s who i am . i guess,sometimes it’s best for you to be a hurricane no matter how shattered you might become, no matter how painful the shattered parts are going to be. you will see the real you that was caught somewhere

life,it needs a reminder

life every moment we breathe should be a reminder for us getting another chance,an other opportunity to write a different story than what we had written a day before. to make the most of the second chance and to live life making mistakes and learning from them without any repetition

i said, life needs a reminder. when the fact is that life in itself is a reminder, a reminder for you to do better than the best and give more than a 100 percent in anything and everything that you do. take a moment to look and dive in without any second thoughts or fear because you cannot snooze life and then play it back and have things the way you want them because once you snooze life there is no turning back you just have reached the end.

instead of i don’t love you


you say you need more time for say we need to take a break.our conversations mostly consists of one word replies and mostly okays.we don’t agree or disagree on the same things anymore .we need different things,we have different priorities is what you say every time we have an argument rather than soughting it out. i know what you mean .i know what you are trying to say.i know you don’t love me anymore and these are some things that you say instead of saying i don’t love you anymore     

“She was a kind”

She was a kind of girl who spilled magic with every breath she exhaled.spilling it here and there for him and her. Embracing the feeling of not knowing where to go but,enjoying​ every bit of it. She flies and unfolds her wings letting the breeze through her hair.unravelling miracles and discovering treasures.striving to be more of her than she ever was. Embracing vulnerabilities and  exploring darkness. She was a flame,she was wild and she wandered into the hearts of many. She was wishful she came with no boundaries or care. She flies with passion filled with integrity. She belonged to no one nor any place. She was a girl with a mind,a girl with a perspective. She loved to taste freedom the smell and the feel of it.she feared no limits.she went on to paint the world with her colours,every move inspiring. She took chances,she feared no limits nor darkness.she was the light that could light up any darkness.she was a beauty beyond understanding.

Word love

I like the way certain simple things make an impact on you and your life. Let’s talk about words,shall we? I just sometimes don’t understand how letters or alphabet strung into words and words into sentences can make so much,ch of a difference to a person and their life. Just simple words  sometimes can either break a heart or mend a broken heart. They can express pain and vulnerability and also hide away the same pain in the pages of journals. There isn’t one day I don’t come across sentences that I fall in love with and I keep wondering how many times could I fall in love with them? Sometimes it’s just a sentence and the other times it might just be a word that might change your world and probably, the way you think.words my dear, are pure magic. I believe in this magic which takes you places with your body intact and your soul and heart in different you believe in such magic? Would you like to try? Let me tell you,it’s not too late to do so.